Bigger & Better: Castello Custom Grows

castello custom workshop exterior

Castello is having a growth spurt! Our Kelowna custom carpentry shop has expanded.

We love our work so much, we want to accept every challenge that is brought to us.

In order to meet the demands of our clients, we realized that we needed to grow. And so we have!

This fall, we undertook a renovation of our workshop so that we can accommodate the exciting larger-scale projects that we’ve been asked to do. Adding 1600 square feet to our total space, the new addition is capacious, comfortable to work in, and allows us to run several projects at once.

What Has Changed:

We now have dedicated spaces for custom kitchen cabinetry, for handcrafted one-of-a-kind furniture, and for architectural work. Now we can better utilize our larger specialty equipment, and keep things orderly. Also, we have plenty of storage space, so there’s no shifting pieces around to make room, which makes the process faster, all around.

We love the increased productivity, the new team members, and the ability to follow a project through from start to finish in a shorter amount of time!

What Hasn’t Changed:

Our perfectionist dedication to creating the most beautiful, well-constructed pieces for our clients. We are passionate craftspeople, here. We don’t let a project go out unless we are satisfied that it is right. That’s why the Okanagan’s most talented designers come back to us, again and again, to build their ideas.

We’re still and always ready for every kind of woodworking challenge! Your imagination is limitless, and we want to do our best to make your visions a reality! With this new space, we can offer more specialty services and detail work, bring in larger raw materials, or create unusually-shaped pieces, like this amazing hearth surround made from a giant, single slab of maple.

We like the quirky aesthetics of the new workspace, soo. The exposed exterior wall of our “old” shop adds a unique bit of architectural charm –like an old barn that’s seen generations of changes. But the perfectly level floors, bright windows, climate control and modern technology showcase our 21st century approach to an ancient craft.

Large slab custom woodwork

Our workshop is an integral part of the Castello Custom story –and a valued member of our team. We’re eager to make this expansion feel like “home”, and to see how we can grow now that we have a little more elbow room!

Looking forward to seeing what will come through our doors in the next few months!

We’ve got room for your custom woodworking project, too! Contact us to discuss your ideas.