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Creating hardworking, well-designed pieces is our specialty at Castello Custom. That means that no matter what your space looks like, we can make it work harder for you.

Custom closets used to be exclusive to elite mansions or high-end boutiques. But, let’s be honest, nobody wins with clutter.

Nowadays, we know that every home can be improved when everything has its place. Forget about channelling Mari Kondo for your condo. Just bring a little Castello into your castle!

Whether you need an accessible wardrobe or an organized storage space, the team at Castello can create a closet that you’ll be proud of.


Seriously. You’ll want to show it off.

Clever Use of Space

Professional cabinet makers can see the potential in every space, no matter how awkward or overwhelming. We’ve built closets in weird corners, unused bedrooms, and completely open-concept areas.

shallow custom closet kelownaIt’s easy to be overwhelmed by organization. Think about how many of your favourite pieces of clothing have been lost to the depths of a badly-designed clothing rack. But at Castello Custom, we think in practical design terms. We know how to maximize every storage space, how to make everything easy to access, and then how to conceal it all behind beautiful woodwork. Use our comprehensive experience to your advantage!

Many Kelowna homes have under-utilized, mid-century reach in closets (the kind you’d find in a typical kids’ bedroom): one sagging clothing bar and maybe a single long shelf hidden behind bifold doors. Here’s the thing. It may feel overstuffed and sad right now, but we know how to make it better.

Reach in closets can be reorganized with strong clothing bars at varying heights, multi-level drawers and open shelves, and adjustable systems that can grow with a child or adapt to different purposes in the future (like when the little one moves out and the man-cave moves in). If you’re an optimist, you can even incorporate a laundry hamper (we make no promises –we have children, too).

Similarly, Castello is great at helping our customers update their walk-in closets. If you’re lucky enough to have an existing master suite, or you’re converting a new space in your home into a capacious closet (see man-cave, above), we can help. These areas are often shared by people with vastly different clothing collections and needs. Items of different lengths. Folded shirts vs. hanging shirts. Accessories. So. Many. Shoes. We know how to help you harmonize, how to organize, which amazing modern gadgets to include, and how finishing touches can make your closet into a space where you’d like to linger.

We also know that not all closets are for clothes! When storage space is at a premium, trust a cabinetmaker to put all of the puzzle pieces together. Whether it’s your mudroom, your office/guest room, or the one and only closet in your urban condo, multipurpose cabinetry is the key to making your space functional. At Castello, we can masterfully combine puffy down jackets, snorkles, and bulk-store toilet paper in one cohesive and uncluttered spot.

We Delight in the Details

Great layout is essential, but considered, clean design is really what makes a custom closet feel luxurious. High-end finishings are not necessarily costly (great taste can be found everywhere!).

dark stained walk in closet kelownaWe incorporate thoughtful craftsmanship into all of our custom cabinetry, no matter which room it hangs in.

Durable, beautiful materials are important, too. We build pieces (including our drawer boxes) from solid wood to prevent warping and sagging, even under the heaviest Canadian winter sweater collections. Strong, full-extension drawer slides and hinges make access easy. Specialty accessories, such pull-out pants or shoe racks, keep your items wrinkle free and off the floor. Our custom closet pieces are designed to last a lifetime (even if your style changes often!).

Innovative modern hardware design can tackle any storage problem. Have a wide, shallow area? Use a space-condensing system to hang items parallel to the wall. Make the most of a narrow, deep space with a revolving rack (plus, it feels pretty glam). Easily view your collection of awesome neckties on a flat pullout shelf. Keep your favourite jewelry at hand in a velvet-lined, magnetic-lock drawer. Turn an awkward shelf end into a home for your purses. The solutions are endless (and we can build them all).

The flair is in the finishings: trim and molding; soft-close drawers and doors; concealed hardware; custom-matched stains; professional paint. All of these subtle elements help to make a space distinctive. Showpiece items, like comfortable benches, counter-height islands, integrated mirrors, and led lighting transform even the smallest closet into a chic dressing room.

The Fun Part

Proper storage can untangle so many threads. Make your closet one that even the most tenacious mess-maker will want to use! Remember that cozy bench at the foot of your bed? It’s still under there, somewhere. Imagine how nice it will feel to use it for actual sitting…

Let the team at Castello create a custom closet space that you’ll love…because then you get to fill it up.


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