CNC Routing Comes to the Castello Shop

old fashioned woodwork

At Castello Custom, we follow the traditions of the master woodcrafters of Bavaria.

Our work features timeless architectural details, hewn by crafters with elegant handtools. In the past, planers, borers, chisels, and hammers were expertly employed to draw stunning details from the raw hardwoods. The work took time, but the results were worthwhile.

These days, we admire these works in museums and old buildings across the world. Using the high standards for durability and beauty from the past, we create our own works and designs for the modern home or business.

We’re proud to introduce CNC Concepts Kelowna.

Castello Custom now has an in-house CNC (computer numerical control) cutting table, making extraordinary woodwork convenient and quick. This modern technique handles routing, milling, edgebanding, and design. CNC Concepts Kelowna specializes in cabinet parts, but we can create just about anything in wood.

Using 3D modelling and computer programming, CNC machining is precise and high quality, and also repeatable –which means you can recreate exact copies of any style of moulding or detailing. Fully automated, CNC machining allows for endless design ideas.

We love to create real, tangible versions of whatever you can imagine. CNC Concepts makes that dream achievable.

Our professional CNC programmer has more than 10 years of experience and a comprehensive portfolio.

Old-fashioned, sumptuous carvings. Modern, clean lines. Complex staircase spindles. Exacting custom cabinets. Debossed logos. Personalized details. We can beautifully—and perfectly—design and produce your ideal project.

We can cut and carve projects of any style and almost any scale. While our preferred medium is wood (we’re carpenters, we’re biased!), we can custom-cut plywood, mdf, composite materials, foam, and soft metals.

Some of our favourite recent projects include:

CNC carved wood panel

This rich, gothic frieze is worthy of a European cathedral. We created this elaborate design piece for our client in under a week with our new CNC technology.

Custom closet pieces cut from CNC machine

We precut this measured-to-the-millimeter custom closet for a perfect fit. The pieces are kept intact until they’re ready to punch out and install.

CNC cut metal edging

This countertop edgebanding is elegant and modern, with no sharp edges. We trim counters with custom details using the CNC machine.

With meticulous attention to detail and optimized CAD software, the Castello team can interpret your drawings and vector files. We can help you with 2D or 3D file preparation and design.

We’re still proud to be skilled, old-world woodworkers, and are delighted to be able to incorporate this thoroughly modern technology into any traditional piece.

You dream it,
we’ll realize it!

Contact Castello Custom and CNC Custom Kelowna to bring your custom-crafted millwork to life.