Stunning Kelowna Custom Kitchens

So many styles, so little time! Never fear, Castello Customs can build your perfect kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This high-traffic, hardworking space is central to the way you live. You and your family spend so much time there, and it’s often the first space your guests see (and everyone knows that’s the place to congregate during a party!). At Castello Custom, we know how important it is to invest in this space, and to let it be a reflection of who you are.

It’s the essential room. No matter the style, scope, or budget of your kitchen project, our talented craftspeople can make it your favourite room, too.

Have a look at some of our recent projects. They’re all very different, but we’re really proud of the welcoming atmosphere they each impart.

custom modern wood kitchen


Just jaw-dropping, right? With the reflective expanse of the waterfall island, the stainless steel appliances, and the subtle taupe colours of the base cabinet and backsplash, it’s clear that the upper cabinets steal the show, here. The gorgeous horizontal grain and clean modern lines are both sleek and warm. The pop of colour in the light fixtures makes the space feel like an art gallery (as artisans, we think that’s pretty appropriate!).

contemporary dark corner kitchen


Your kitchen doesn’t have to be modern to be a great example of 21st century design! The rich tones of this dark kitchen really stand against the lighter countertops and backsplash. With wide-slat simple Shaker cabinet fronts running all the way to the ceiling, and an angled island, the feeling in this space is dynamic. Stylish fixtures and smooth edges on the panelling mean this kitchen will never look dated.

timeless painted small kitchen small


A subtle-blue gray on these cabinets gives this condo kitchen personality without feeling crowded. The smart layout means there’s plenty of storage space hiding behind the always-in-fashion shaker cabinetry. This room is small-but-perfectly-formed, with clever double-duty spaces like that incredibly efficient pantry! (Off camera, there’s a seamlessly integrated space for jackets & hats, and very useful triangular open shelving.) Who needs a huge kitchen when you’ve got good design?

classic white custom kitchen


You can’t go wrong with a white kitchen! Clean & bright, it’s just inviting you to come in an make a meal (and socialize, of course!). We’re really proud of this one; it’s a true chef’s kitchen, with plenty of storage space, high ceilings, and classic shaker-style finishings. The panelling on the cabinet ends and island really makes these feel like old-world furniture.

custom craftsman kitchen


For more than 125 years, this architectural style has been popular. With our modern functionality and fresh take on materials, it looks like it will be around for a long time to come. We love the beautiful grain of this natural-stained cherry wood, and the solid, clean lines of Craftsman design.

custom rustic country kitchen


With so many orchards, vineyards, and farms in Kelowna, it makes sense to create a space like this! Rustic meets luxurious in this farmhouse. The natural wood tones and open shelving are right at home in the country, but the light countertops, white-painted upper cabinets, and clever lighting solutions (we installed shallow under-cabinet LED pucks, even in the open shelving!) bring the space a clean and contemporary sensibility.

stylish rustic cabin kitchen

Rustic Cool

This old-school Big White cabin has a relaxed vibe. But who says laid-back can’t be well-designed? We created a stylish, functional, contemporary corner kitchen in the main room of the space. Quirky angles, rounded ceilings, and painted wood and subtle campy-cool decor (and that awesome repurposed worktable!) make this space feel warm, even on the coldest winter’s night.

custom eclectic boho kitchen


It’s all about reflecting who you are! This unique kitchen does a beautiful job of juxtaposing the owner’s colourful, bohemian personality with a modern lifestyle. The long lines and fresh colours of our custom flat-front cabinetry really complement the quirky backsplash tile quilt. We love the unique and perfectly harmonious blend of styles in this kitchen.

New house or old, mansion or tiny weekend getaway –we know you’ve got a dream kitchen in mind. No matter how you like to decorate, the team at Castello Custom can help make whatever you envision a reality.

Give us another stunning Kelowna kitchen to add to our gallery! We can’t wait to hear your ideas. Contact us to get started.