The Best Ways to Customize Your Kitchen

Kelowna is growing quickly, and the residential construction industry is working hard to keep up with demand!

In the rush to build or renovate your Kelowna house or condo, it can be easy to overlook the details that make that house a home.

At Castello Custom, we specialize in crafting kitchens that are designed to suit you perfectly. Consider these ideas:

Rising shelves holding small kitchen appliances

Smart Storage Solutions

Utilize all of the space in your kitchen. There are so many clever ways to make the most of your space, regardless of your square footage.

Some ideas we’ve incorporated into our kitchens:

  • Kickplate drawers installed underneath the base cabinets are the perfect place to store long, flat items like muffin tins (you know that crepe pan you really wanted but rarely use? Now it has a home!). Touch-latch closures mean these can open with a light tap of the toe, which is awfully convenient, too.
  • Rising Pull-Out Shelves – These are very convenient for storing appliances, as they pull up to countertop level. Super-strong retractable hardware makes these purpose-built shelves perfectly sturdy, and easy to tuck away when you’re finished.
  • Smart Corners – Blind corner pullouts and lazy susans make spacious-but-hard-to-reach corner cabinets practical!
  • Pantry Drawers – No room for a walk-in pantry? Organize your cabinet space to include convenient storage for those all-important snacks. Deep pullouts can hold a lot without losing anything to the scary back-of-the-pantry nether regions.
  • Seamlessly Integrated Appliances – No matter what your kitchen style, we can make panels to perfectly match the rest of your cabinetry. You might have to field a few, “Wait –which one is your refrigerator?” questions, but the gorgeous look will be worth it!
Modern kitchen high ceiling storage

High Ceilings

Everyone wants more storage space! No matter how well you organize your kitchen, there’s always going to be a misfit dish or appliance. Find a home for everything by going up! Little-used pieces or items that are really more for display can fit very comfortable just out of reach. Contiguous cabinetry and glass panels draw the eye up and make the room feel airy, too.

Blue kitchen with angled corner cabinet

Small Space Secrets

It can be a challenge to max out your usable space with a small footprint. Thoughtful and subtle design tricks (like angled shelving in high-traffic corridors, and custom-sized storage all the way to the ceiling) can give you the efficiency of a much larger kitchen on a modest scale.

White kitchen with Mahogany Island

Pretty Details

Sometimes, it’s the extra touches that make a house feel like a home. It doesn’t take much to add luxury and personality to your kitchen. A little trim, unique hardware, space for collections, or just a showpiece of a different colour can all make a very big impression.

Timeless White Kitchen and Butler's Pantry

Consistent Cabinetry

Incorporating the same look in connecting rooms provides a visual flow that really make a space feel put-together. Create a cohesive plan for your home by making the built-ins throughout look like they were all chosen on purpose.

The team at Castello Custom has the creativity and talent to make your kitchen space truly reflect you. Let our experienced artisans build you a home that is just right.

Contact us today to discuss your endless options!