Top Kitchen Design Trends in 2017

The Tommie Awards provides a great opportunity to chat with designers, cabinet makers and homebuilders on the latest trends and innovations in design.

As creative custom cabinetmakers, we like to stay on top of the latest innovations in the industry, from colors and construction to the faucets and fine details, to provide our customers with the top kitchen design trends in 2017.


A Good-Looking Cooking Kitchen

Cooking can be creatively inspired or a must-do chore, and the kitchen design definitely plays a role in which one it is.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Quartz is the number one choice this season, and for good reason. The integration of quality materials adds significant value to the kitchen. And while quartz used to be an expensive addition, the development of composite surfaces has made natural stone surfaces an affordable option.

Industrial Kitchen Designs

The natural beauty of wood, stone, concrete, copper and steel are creatively integrated into the kitchen design. Brick walls, copper pipes, polished concrete floors and surfaces add a sleek industrial edge to the kitchen.  While these features are often found in minimalistic and contemporary designs, they can also be added to traditional kitchen designs to update the decor.

No-Handle Cabinets and No-Clutter Counters

Working with the industrial designs for the kitchen, handleless cabinets are popular this year, adding to the minimalistic look and sleek finish. And in addition to sleek cabinets, the trend is moving towards clutter-free counters. Cabinets built to accommodate the tools and appliances that normally sit on the countertop provide the chef with an inviting open space to work on.

Latest Kitchen Colour Designs

Multiple shades of grey and monochrome tones are the colours of choice this year. Copper and stainless steel accents and appliances work well with the monochrome colours and stays in line with the trend towards a sleek, contemporary design with clean lines.

Castello Custom Kitchen Designs in 2017

The beauty of a custom-designed kitchen is that it is built specifically for you. While the trends give you ideas, you can also add your unique touches and requests in both the form and functionality to ensure that your kitchen has a style of it’s own, and is built to suit your specific requirements.