Wood Made Modern

Love contemporary style? Custom woodworking can be a perfect fit for you!



Custom woodwork doesn’t need to look rustic.


Rough edges and patinas can be beautiful, but they don’t work in every aesthetic.


At Castello Custom, we’ve been able to create some exceptional modern pieces. We’re really proud of how these have turned out. Take a look and get inspired.

Custom wooden kitchen table


The wood comes from a 100-year-old Zapatero log, found at the bottom of the Panama Canal!

We knew that it would be timeless once we turned it into this stunning contemporary dining table.

Custom granite counter with wooden inlay


How’d that get in there?

We created this custom bar in a private home, and embedded this stunning piece of wood inside the quartz countertop. The entire bar surround is made of the same wood, and is an incredible focal point for the room.

It makes us want to raise a glass, for sure!

Custom wooden reception desk


This office is bold and clean with this unique reception area.

Such a great way to combine contemporary materials!

This will look stylish for a long time to come.

Custom wooden desk

Artisan Cool

Even “rustic” can be modern.

Check out this one-of-a-kind desk; its unusual shape is highlighted by the polished edges and contrasting steel base. Just awesome!


Wooden block

Chasing Waterfalls

The waterfall edge is right on trend, now.

There are so many ways to reimagine it! We’ve created pieces using live-edges, crisp lines and even unusual woods like this one.

So different, and so amazing!

If you can imagine it, we can do it!

Ready to make your custom dreams a reality?

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